December 14, 2017

Is Luck the Basis for Our System of Dealing With Addiction?

A Facebook post states: “Feeling proud tonight. Tomorrow is my 2 years. Two years ago on this night I made a total ass out of myself in front of some old friends and my fiancé. The next day I actually started my ten days of abstinence from drugs to get my Vivitrol shot. I had scheduled two previous appointments before this one, but I couldn’t stay clean. It really doesn’t seem like two years have gone by. Life is great now. Has been for a while. Pretty solid. I’m married to my beautiful, wonderful, and patient wife. She’s been with me through some of the worst days of my addiction. She decided I was worth staying with, never gave up. We have a beautiful 3-month old baby girl. She is beyond my words of explanation. She is the best thing I’ve ever had a chance to be part of. 
My career is going strong. Bills are paid. Savings in the bank, which never mattered to me before. My credit has been rebuilt. We’re actually able to live a normal life. [Photo of baby followed.]  Reading this type of post gives us hope, and warms the heart. I’m thankful that this individual was allowed to move on to fully live his life, to support his family, to contribute to society, and to reap the benefits of his hard work in recovery.  Unfortunately, the exact same story ends much differently for many. On that night when he ‘made a total ass of himself’ […]